A man found guilty of attempted murder and assault after a stabbing incident in Hawaii wore blackface to protest his treatment in a “kangaroo court.”

Mark Char, an Oahu man was accused of stabbing victims – one of whom was stabbed five times and had been taken to hospital in critical condition- after a confrontation due to road rage in 2016.

During the trial he claimed he acted in self-defence.

According to Hawaii News Now, a routine hearing took a turn for the weird when Char showed up to court wearing blackface, before delivering a rant about being treated unfairly.

He said: “Now this kangaroo court is trying to give me a life sentence for me trying to protect and defend myself against the attack from three guys ― in essence, treating me like a black man.”

So today, I’m going to be a black man.

Mark Chu (Picture: Hawaii News Now 

A law enforcement worker told the publication that Char appears to have coloured his face in black permanent marker.

Blackface is the act of a non-black person using makeup to paint their face in an effort to represent a black person.

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