Mark Zuckerberg went surfing with too much sunscreen on and became an internet sensation

Even people like Mark Zuckerberg – the billionaire founder of Facebook – can put too much sunscreen on when they leave the house.

Over the weekend, photos emerged of Zuckerberg surfing in Hawaii, probably not too far from his $100m estate, with far too much sunscreen on his face.

People were quick to point out that he resembled a number of great film characters, even if it was accidental.

Others inserted the photo into other meme formats.

Other details from the photos raised more questions – like why was he wearing a hoodie, even in the water?

While some pointed out that his sunscreen application methods were probably the least worrying thing that Zuckerberg should be called out for...

This might be one of the rare occasions when Zuckerberg is in the news not for Facebook-related drama, or because he’s once again been hauled in front of Congress.

So maybe he'll actually be happy about it?

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