M&S criticised for jigsaw 'map of the UK' that erases Wales and Northern Ireland

Darren Richman
Friday 27 December 2019 14:15

Marks and Spencer has been criticised for producing a new jigsaw of the British Isles which includes Wales as part of England and depicts a unified Ireland.

The 500-piece jigsaw puzzle, which costs £8, was spotted by Welsh Councillor Jamie Evans who tweeted the company to ask, “Is there any reason Wales has suddenly become part of England?” He went on to add:

I'm happy to provide a basic geography lesson to whatever clever cloggs came up with this abomination.

Others were keen to point out that it’s a historical map of the United Kingdom circa 1890 but perhaps the company could have been clearer on the packaging.

As things stand it looks, in Evans’ words, like a “post-Brexit map of Britain”.

HT: The Mirror

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