There's a Marmite shortage because of Brexit and people are freaking out

Louis Dor
Thursday 13 October 2016 07:45

Tesco has stopped selling dozens of household Unilever brands, most controversially Marmite, because of a dispute with the company following a fall in the pound sterling.

Other brands affected, like PG Tips tea, Pot Noodle, Hellmann's mayonnaise and Ben and Jerry's ice cream, have not courted as much anger as Marmite however.

The Financial Times reported that the pound sterling reached an 168 year low on Wednesday which Unilever says is responsible for the rising costs.

Marmite is produced in the UK, but it is understood that Unilever has hiked prices across all products to cover rising costs in imported commodities, which are priced in euros and dollars.

People with freshly printed economics degrees have been registering complete incandescence on social media:

As well as some other rows:

It's Revelations, people!

Picture: indy100(indy100)

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