#BlackWomenAtWork exists because of Sean Spicer and Bill O’Reilly

#BlackWomenAtWork exists because of Sean Spicer and Bill O’Reilly

Press Secretary Sean Spicer held a press conference on Tuesday on the subject of Donald Trump’s alleged links with Russia.

During the conference, American Urban Radio Networks reporter April Ryan was accused of having an “agenda” and told to “stop shaking your head” following a question about Donald Trump's relationship with Russia, and later with Condoleezza Rice (in 2006 Trump referred to her as a "b---h").

The same day, Fox News presenter Bill O’Reilly said he couldn’t focus on a word that Rep Maxine Waters said because of her “James Brown wig”.

Both women are African American.

O’Reilly apologised and said it was a “dumb” joke.

The interactions prompted black women on Twitter to use the hashtag #BlackWomenAtWork and share the Get Out style microagressions, institutionalised racism and casual patronisation that they are faced with on a daily basis.

Activist Brittany Packnett started it:

And then, it blossomed:

Where “going ethnic” is a verb:

‘We only hired you because you’re black. Gotta tick those boxes.’

The ‘angry black woman’ stereotype:

And when your natural hair is 'unprofessional':

The atrocious microagressions:

Where you can't, as a black woman, occupy a position of power...

Or have suggestions at work:

The movement was not lost on Maxine Waters...

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