McDonald’s China adds exercise bikes to its restaurants - and people are baffled

The McDonald’s menu doesn’t exactly include the healthiest options, but it appears as though the fast-food chain in China has added something to its restaurants to try and rectify the problem: exercise bikes.

Ever wanted to do some cycling while chowing down your Big Mac? Now—at least in China—you can!

The workout equipment has been added to two locations, with the single-seat bike facing the wall and the pedals being attached to the floor mount.

See it for yourself in action:

The Independent reports that in a statement, the fast-food chain revealed that there’s more to the exercise bikes than first meets the eye.

They said: “The Green Charging Bike is an in-restaurant experience, currently being tested at two locations in China, that is designed to inspire more green behaviours as customers enjoy their McDonald’s favourites.

“The bike generates electricity to power everyday devices like mobile phones and is a part of McDonald’s China’s ‘Upcycle for Good’ project.

“[It is] an initiative focused on creating products with plastic parts from recycled materials.”

It’s definitely an interesting addition, and it makes a statement for sure. Even so, there are not too many people, if any, that have ever wanted to do some physical exercise or cardio while they’re eating—especially in public.

It further raises the question of whether people will actually use the bikes as the woman does in the video, or if they will all the more likely simply use the station to enjoy their meal as the man sitting behind her does.

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Despite the fact that the bike is seemingly the brand’s attempt to make a move in the right direction, some poked fun at the exercise equipment.

“Lol you need to be on that bike 7-9 hours to burn half of that meal,” one person joked in the comments.

Another person shared, “Feeling less McGuilty.”

Others compared it to an episode of Black Mirror.

“Thanks, Black Mirror,” one person said plainly.

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