Meet the refugee who is telling Syrians not to follow him to Sweden

Meet Mahmoud Bitar.

He's become a bit of a social media star by documenting his journey from war-torn Syria to Sweden, via Turkey, Egypt, Turkey (again) and Greece.

He spoke to BBC Trending after recently relaying the message via his followers of 'don't come to Sweden'.

People exaggerate about how amazing life in Sweden is and when they come here they are shocked. I wanted to show the reality using comedy so that people would get it.

Bitar explains that while Swedes are welcoming, and the government helps provide housing and jobs, there are still issues in living in a northern European country, such as the 21 hours he was required to fast for during Ramadan in the long summer days.

Sweden has taken in more Syrian refugees than any European country apart from Germany.

Watch the video below:

HT BBC Trending

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