Meghan McCain just coined your favourite new 'clapback' meme

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Tuesday 11 May 2021 17:27
Picture:(Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images and Twitter)

Meghan McCain just penned your next clapback meme.

Its name?

You were at my wedding Denise…

The comment is a response to a commentator called Denise McAllister, who slammed McCain’s show The View.

Conservative Denise had shared an article that criticised the show, in which McCain is a co-host.

McCallister tweeted:

Can someone explain to me the purpose of The View? It seems to me to be a roundtable of delusional mental midgets ricocheting ignorance and lack of emotional regulation.

McCain responded with something short and sweet:

Would you look at the skid marks left behind by that burn?

McAllister made a valiant attempt to clarify that her tweet wasn’t a “personal attack” against McCain

“I think the photo on the story made it look like this was personally directed at you, Meghan,” she wrote.

My comment was directed at The View and the mental midgets who surround you. I don’t even know how you do it daily and my hat is off to you for standing strong in the midst of crazy.

But it was too late. The memeing had already begun.

So, too came the wordplay

Some don't even needs words

The meme variations are glorious

People can't stop creating scenarios where 'You were at my wedding Denise' could be dropped

Trump was dragged into it

The meme joins the likes of 'Bye, Felicia,' 'Sir, this is a Wendy's' and 'Thank U, Next'

McCain called the meme her "gift to the internet." She wrote:

You were at my wedding, Denise...' can be everyone’s clap back to everyone, everywhere, forever. My gift to the internet. Thank you for the support.

You are a good person.

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