Melania Trump just lectured parents on 'online safety' despite being married to a Twitter troll

Melania Trump just lectured parents on 'online safety' despite being married to a Twitter troll
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As someone who is married to Donald Trump, first lady Melania Trump must have a certain number of skills, including a high tolerance for BS and *a lot* of patience.

But one skill that Melania doesn’t seem to have is the ability to sense the national mood and “read the room”. Remember a few weeks ago, when she posted photos of herself building a tennis gazebo as states went into lockdown as coronavirus cases spread? Or the time she wore that “I really don’t care” jacket to meet kids who’d been separated from their parents at the US border?

As cringeworthy as these moments were, they don’t compare to Mrs Trump’s frequent interventions into the topic of online behaviour and social media. After entering the White House, more than a few million eyebrows were raised when the first lady’s first major project was unveiled.

“Be Best” was an anti-bullying initiative which aimed to promote positive behaviour on social media.

Well, um, does she…? Never mind.

Obviously whenever Melania tries to comment on online behaviour, or trolling, there’s an army of people ready to deliver the only appropriate response: “Have you tried speaking to your husband?”

President Trump is, as well as the “leader of the free world”, the leader of the trolling world too. He’s practically the biggest troll on the internet.

Now, as millions of children stay home across the US as people try to self-isolate to stop the spread of coronavirus, the first lady has made a plea to parents to make sure their children practice “online safety”.

Needless to say, people weren’t exactly impressed with this. The replies rolled in…

Perhaps the safest thing for America’s children would be blocking Melania’s husband. Though it might actually be good for them to see a clear example of how not to behave.

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