There's a massive problem with Melania Trump's speech on women's rights

There's a massive problem with Melania Trump's speech on women's rights

On Wednesday, First Lady Melania Trump stepped out of the shadows of Trump Tower to talk about women and gender discrimination around the world.

She said:

Wherever women are diminished, the entire world is diminished with them.

The International Women of Courage Awards ceremony at the State Department honoured 13 women across Bangladesh, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Vietnam, Yemen, and Peru who have confronted discrimination, sexual violence and domestic abuse.

She continued:

Ask yourself if you would have the fortitude of spirit, the courage of your convictions, and the enormous inner strength required to stand up and fight against such overwhelming odds.

Her speech was definitely not ironic.

Melania’s husband and US president Donald Trump has been connected to a number of scandals about derogatory comments he previously made about women.

He once bragged about ‘grabbing women by the p---y’.

He also said the following about sexual assault in the military:

In fact, his comments about women are well documented.

Further, people noticed that Syria and Yemen, where two of the women hail from, are countries on Donald Trump‘s travel ban executive order.

The speech, which Mrs Trump read over a teleprompter, did however, impress some.

Others noticed that the 8-minute address made no mention of her husband.

But many, many people thought her speech was an uncomfortable fit. You know, given her husband's track record.

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