New meme celebrates actors who are the most versatile

Lowenna Waters
Tuesday 03 September 2019 12:45
Picture:(Getty / Twitter )

A new meme is sweeping the internet, and it's set to expose the actors who have the best range, once and for all.

The meme, called 'could do but couldn't do', has been circulating on Twitter since August, and it aims to reveal the lack of crediting that female actors get in Hollywood, reports the Daily Dot.

The meme quickly spread from a couple of snarky posts to thousands across social media, and now it's being widely used to poke fun at the range that male actors exhibit in comparison to their female actress colleagues.

It originated after Reuters tweeted and deleted a post featuring Kirsten Dunst, in which it claimed that she was 'best known for her role as Spiderman's girlfriend', and it goes without saying the discussion about truly versatile actors soon began ramping up.

Most of the memes outline real film roles, played by men, that people think women could have played instead.

It goes without saying that Twitter users went to town.

Many of the memes also focussed on Leonardo Di Caprio...

Then, it all got a bit silly.

HT Daily Dot

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