Texting one's “number neighbour” is the latest bizarre trend to be born on the internet.

Twitter user @ryanlavalleee began the viral hilarity; after having a brief conversation with his number neighbour, he suggested his followers do the same.

What is a number neighbour, you ask?

It’s simple; a number neighbour is the person with the number one above or below your own.

Needless to say, people online had fun with the meme

This kindly neighbour was given a casserole

And this neighbour who is everyone's life coach

This number neighbour's meme game was strong

"Stay hydrated"

But there were those who found it weird that a stranger was texting them...

In fact, some of them were downright rude

Of course, there was also the obligatory weirdoes

2019, what a time to be alive.

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