Men who don’t gym as hard have stronger libidos

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Mate do you even lift?

If you constantly ask this question, maybe stop. For many reasons.

Scientists have found a link between exercise and sex that suggests gym bunnies have lower sex drives.

Gym bragging might be admitting you have less interest in sex companied to your flabbier compadres.

The horizontal work out is well known for being a good form of exercise, but research published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercisesuggests that men who engage in endurance work out sessions have a lower libido than those who engage in moderate to light activity.

Using an online questionnaire of 1000 males, the study found that men with mid to low range training intensity had a greater chance of having a high libido.

The study was conducted by researchers from the University of North Carolina.

In conclusion the paper suggested:

Clinicians who treat male patients for sexual disorders and/or council couples on infertility issues should consider the degree of endurance exercise training a man is performing as a potential complicating factor.

So next time you skip the gym and go straight home to your partner, tell yourself it's for their needs, and not you being a lazy schmuck.

Abs aren't the answer to everything lads.


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