13 times masculinity was so fragile

Twitter / Amelia Ulmer

Masculinity is a fragile thing. On every corner, a drink, cosmetic product or snack could be lurking to threaten it.

Thankfully, some brands are onto this, and have finally realised that men need their own manly products, just in case someone dared to think they weren't manly.

Here are just a few of the products you can get your big, greasy, hairy man hands on.


1. It may be yellow, but it's shower gel for heroes

2. Dryer sheets for men "and those who smell them"

3. No need to be threatened by a shower

4. Man yoga

5. Animal - and man - friendly

6. No need to let Valentine's Day get in the way of being masculine

7. Who says toys are just for girls?

8. Now you just need man crisps

9. The key to being a man

10. Taking masculinity to confusing new levels

11. Just in case anyone catches you out being all spiritual

12. Chocolate for men

13. Now you can wipe the right way

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