These are the 5 things men wished women understood


Men and women, Venus and Mars. Two often hugely different creatures, but that doesn't stop us from to trying to understand each other.

And in an attempt to do exactly that, these men have anonymously shared the things they wish women understood about them.

Their experiences might not be universal, of course, but they’re still enlightening:

1. Men have emotions, too

The fastest way to lose a man is if you beg him to be open and emotionally vulnerable with you, but then treat him like he’s weak or “less of a man” after seeing those insecurities and doubts.

The man’s emotional world is lonely and harsh. We can’t express ourselves without ridicule or being seen as weak.

We’ve been treated poorly by people in our past, too. Girls aren’t always the victim at the end of a relationship.

2. Except, sometimes there's nothing going on up there

When we’re asked “what are you thinking about?” and we reply “nothing,” we are in fact thinking about nothing.

Your subtle hints almost never get noticed.

I have no idea if your make-up is okay.

When you are mad at us, don’t make a guess. Nine times out of ten we have no idea what’s wrong and it’s probably just a misunderstanding. We want you to just tell us.

3. And they're not all trying to sleep with every woman they talk to

I wish more women understood that when I start a convo with them by saying “Hi. How was your day?” it’s not me trying to get in their pants, but just me trying to get to know them.

I’m not trying to get in your pants whenever I’m complimenting you. Maybe I really do like your hair today, ever think about that?

Just take compliment, don’t keep denying it and in some cases don’t immediately assume it to be creepy or harassment.

4. They have insecurities, too

I wish women knew that it felt like a competition to win a girl’s heart. Y’all get asked out a lot and have men all over you. And we always have to get more creative so you can notice us.

We don’t all look like Vikings fresh off the boat with big muscles, height and beards. And us short, skinny dudes with baby faces need love, too.

5. And sometimes, they just want to spoon

I need time by myself or just some time to chill with my friends. And, sometimes I just don’t want to have sex.

We want to be the little spoon sometimes.

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