Screenshot via @amber_coffman / Twitter

A meteor shot across the night sky, sparking fireballs as it went – and one woman captured it all on camera.

Musician Amber Coffman tweeted the video on Tuesday evening and said it was a “meteor for the ages”.

In the video, a bright light can be seen shooting across the sky, sparking even brighter lights as it goes.

This type of meteor is likely classified as a bolide, which is defined as an extremely bright meteor, especially one that explodes in the atmosphere.

Coffman described witnessing the phenomenon as “one of the craziest things we have ever seen in our lives”.

On seeing the bolide meteor, Coffman wrote in a follow-up tweet:

After it was posted to Twitter, people reacted in disbelief to what they were seeing:

People in replies to the original tweet also claimed they saw similar meteors in Albuquerque and New Mexico.

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