Irma Dleon

A white woman was filmed shouting racist abuse at a Mexican restaurant manager who she overheard speaking Spanish.

The unnamed woman was caught on film telling Sergio Budar, who works at the Tampico Mexican Restaurant in Parkersburg, West Virginia, to “get the f**k out of my country”, despite him informing her he is an American citizen.

White American patrons to the restaurant came to his aid.

The incident was recorded and uploaded by Irma Dleon, who was at the restaurant when the incident occurred.

It reportedly began when the woman overheard a conversation in Spanish between Budar, the owner, and another person.

The video of the incident begins in the middle of a confrontation between her and Budar.

She said she had lived in California “for 20 years" and continued:

English is our first language so you need to speak English. Get the f**k out of my country.

Budar tells her that he is a "US citizen".

“What is your problem?” he asked her.

“I don’t have any problem with the way you look. If you’re in America, you need to speak English.”

“These people take care of me,” a man interrupts her, seemingly referring to Budar and the other Mexicans in the restaurant, and another tells her to leave.

Instead of engaging in an argument with the woman, Budar offers to pay for her food if she would just leave, something she initially refuses to do.

I will pay for what you got ok? So can you please exit the restaurant?

“No,” she responded.

(Irma Dleon/Facebook

After she stands to leave, she continues her tirade: “I got raped by an illegal alien who can’t speak English and you want me to be nice to you?”

At this point she appears to throw a napkin at Budar.

Budar told Univision that he moved to America from Mexico for a job – and has been there 19 years.

How am I going to leave here if this is also my country?

Such racist incidents have become commonplace in parts of America. Last year a string of racist Americans were caught on film being belligerent to people of colour.

Cornerstone Caroline’ called the police in Flatbush on a nine-year-old boy and falsely accused him of touching her bum.

There was California’s ‘BBQ Becky’, who called the police because black people were having a barbeque in the park.

There was also ‘Apartment Patty', who refused to let a black man into his apartment in Montana without proof that he lived there.

'Golfcart Gail' called the police on a father in Florida who was cheering on his son during a soccer game.

And we can’t forget the lawyer whose racist anti-Mexico rant prompted people to send him mariachi bands and taco trucks.

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