Mhairi Black had the perfect response to an 'elitist' troll who mocked her education

Louis Staples
Friday 15 March 2019 09:30

SNP MP Mhairi Black is not one to take abuse lying down - and thank goodness too.

Since entering parliament in 2015, as the youngest person ever to do so, Black has been vocal about sharing the abuse she has received, most of which contains misogynistic and homophobic overtones.

But it doesn’t stop there. Coming from a working class household, Black frequently faces classist abuse on Twitter. People seem to think that, just because she speaks a certain way, she is less intelligent than MPs with different backgrounds.

But she is not afraid to clap back at trolls on Twitter who think they’re entitled to have a pop at her for anything other than her politics.

This time, she’s singled out a troll who took aim at her intelligence.

In Scotland, “foundy” is slang for “foundation”, the easiest exam that Scottish pupils used to take at Standard Grade level, which is the Scottish equivalent of GCSE.

Black was quick to point out that she has a first class degree from the University of Glasgow, one of Britain’s oldest and most prestigious universities.

People on Twitter threw their support behind the young Scot.

That's him telt, then.

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