We thought the Conservative party were just divided over Europe and their leadership, but it would appear that they can't decide if one of their colleagues has his real hair or not.

In a rather uneventful edition of prime minister's questions, where Jeremy Corbyn once again told Theresa May to rule 'no deal' out of her Brexit plans, a Tory MP was accused of wearing a wig.

No, it wasn't Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg or Michael Gove, but Michael Fabricant, the MP for Litchfield, who is famed for his rich and luminous head of hair.

As the 68-year-old stood up to ask a question about Birmingham airport, his fellow Tory MP Huw Merriman began to talk to Kelly Tolhurst, where they were seen clearly debating if his barnet was legit.

The MP for Battle wasn't subtle either and obviously mouthed the words 'it's a wig' to Tolhurst and even pointed out the hairline to her.

He then looked across the Commons and appeared to tell the same to a Labour MP (however, let's not read to much into what was mouthed in the Commons).

Considering that this was on live television, Merriman's gestures didn't go unnoticed and Twitter was soon awash with clips from the incident.

Once Fabricant caught wind of what had happened behind him, he called Merriman's antics 'short-sighted' but believed that he will 'eventually learn how to behave' in PMQs.

If you are wondering about the hair, Fabricant has been adamant that it isn't a wig but did reveal in a 2014 interview with The Mirrorthat he had received some treatment on his hair.

It’s a lot more complicated than that. OK, all I will admit to is that there is some — but only some — enhancement of the follicular area.

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