George Bush's White House lawyer is now openly mocking Michael Flynn

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The on-going saga of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has taken yet another turn.

To recap, Flynn resigned from his post advising the President after just four weeks, amid allegations he discussed US sanctions with Russia and accusations he attempted to cover up the contact.

Now, he says he’s willing to talk about Trump’s links to Russia, in exchange for immunity from future legal proceedings.

It's like an episode of The West Wing.

On that bombshell, Richard Painter - the chief White House ethics lawyer under George W Bush – tweeted this:

Renaming my kids' pet canary bird General Flynn.

If you don’t get it, ‘Sing like a canary’ is slang for when someone basically reveals all the secrets to the police or authorities. You’ve probably heard it in old cop shows or gangster movies.

It's also possible Painter is referring to the old practice of using canaries in mines for health and safety. If dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide collected in the mine, the gases would kill the canary first before killing the miners. If the canaries in the coal mines stopped singing, you got out of there. So if Flynn's career metaphorically 'dies' like the canary, it could be a warning sign for the 'death' of the Trump Administration.

HT: The Hill

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