Michel Barnier hilariously trolled Brexiteers in just two sentences

Michel Barnier hilariously trolled Brexiteers in just two sentences

As negotiations between the UK and the EU enter the final phase, one politician sounds a tad fed up about it all.

Michel Barnier, the EU’s lead negotiator sent out a hilariously petty tweet mocking the state of Brexit talks. The French politician is currently in London for trade negotiations.

“Short break from intense negotiations in London,” he captioned the post. “Went looking for level playing fields…”

The tweet was accompanied by a photo of Barnier at a (very level) football pitch in Regent’s Park. If only all playing fields were the same.

Barnier’s tweet quickly went viral, garnering laughs – and criticism from Brexiteers.

Some found his trolling pretty hilarious.

Others decried the state of the government.

It isn’t an endless negotiation without some goalposts to move.

Barnier’s top level trolling follows a similar shady post from Donald Tusk in 2018. The EU council president jokingly posted a photo of himself offering a piece of cake to Theresa May, a reference to accusations of the UK “wanting to have its cake and eat it”.

The current round of discussions is set to end today, with another round of trade talks due to begin in Brussels next week.

Perhaps Barnier will prefer the playing fields in Belgium?

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