If you've been keeping a close eye on American politics for the past few weeks you will have noticed that Donald Trump hasn't gotten himself into a spot of bother.

The word 'impeachment' is being yelled louder and harder than ever before and it's all because of a phone call that Trump held with the president of the Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.

Trump is alleged to have told Zelensky that he should investigate ties that his potential 2020 opponent Joe Biden and his son Hunter have to the Ukrainian gas firm Burisma.

Obviously this is a big no-no, as governments shouldn't be pressuring other governments to investigate claims of corruption against political opponents as it literally goes against the US constitution.

After a whistleblower raised concerns about the phone call, Democrats announced that they would begin to start the impeachment process which obviously angered Trump.

In the aftermath, Trump virtually admitted to the crime and also claimed that the Chinese government should also investigate any allegations of corruption.

As far as Trump and his administration are concerned, governments working with each other to oust political opponents is fine but that wasn't the case back in 2016.

Speaking on the campaign trail three years ago, vice president Mike Pence said it was 'basic stuff' that governments shouldn't be involved in the US election process.

In resurfaced footage he said:

This is basic stuff. Foreign donors — and certainly foreign governments — cannot participate in the American political process.

Yes, this actually happened and as you can guess, people are pretty shocked at the hypocrisy that is on show.

It's not just Pence either.

Republican senator Lindsay Graham basically said the same thing in 2017 making it all very, very awkward for Trump and his team.

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