Milifandom founder Abby Tomlinson 'trolled by Jeremy Corbyn supporters'

The teenage founder of the Milifandom movement has been caught up in a Labour Party row after posting thoughts on how Ed Miliband's successor as leader, Jeremy Corbyn, was viewed negatively by voters in the Oldham West by-election.

Abby Tomlinson, 17, faced a storm of social media criticism from sections of the... Corbynfandom movement for her observations on Twitter - leading to her telling her ruder critics to "P--s off, all of you just p--s off."

Abby, who before the general election turned Ed Miliband into something of a niche pin-up, dared to tweet her assessment of canvassing in Oldham, saying: "The people who used to vote for us but won't do [now] say it's because of Corbyn."

Corbyn supporters responded to the student, who backed Andy Burnham in the Labour leadership contest, with varying degrees of politeness.

Abby was called a "12-year-old aspiring spad [special adviser]" and told to "give up and join the Tories". She and Miliband were even dubbed 'Tories'.

In response, she pointed out that unlike most of her keyboard critics, she was out on the doorstep attempting to build support for Corbyn.

Just as a reminder to everyone, here's what Corbyn said during his Labour conference speech:

I want a kinder politics, a more caring society.

Don’t let them reduce you to believing in anything less.

So I say to all activists, whether Labour or not, cut out the personal attacks, the cyberbullying, and especially the misogynistic abuse online.

And let’s get on with bringing values back into politics.

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