Milifandom founder accuses the Sun and Rupert Murdoch of bullying her

The 17-year-old girl who started the “Milifandom” craze, which saw teenage girls post social media tributes to Labour leader Ed Miliband, was at the centre of an internet row yesterday after she accused Rupert Murdoch (above) and the Sun of bullying her.

The teenager, who has given her name only as Abby, was infuriated that the newspaper managed to find her and other family addresses, including that of her 70-year-old grandmother, despite her having given few personal details about herself.

John Cooper QC is now, pro bono, acting for the teenager and has launched an inquiry into how the newspaper managed to track the family down.

He said:

What I’m very concerned about is how the Sun got information about her and her family. Did they get that information appropriately? Did they get it legally? I want to find out. The fact of the matter was she was upset. She feels vulnerable, she feels she is being bullied and intimidated.

Abby is selling T-shirts in support of Ed Miliband. She describes herself as Labour Party member, feminist and activist.

A spokesman for the Sun insisted yesterday the paper had done nothing either illegal or unethical: “The Sun sought to speak to Abby as she was at the centre of a news story and had already commented in public. We do not think our behaviour was in breach of the Editors’ Code.”

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