The winner of the 'Miss Bum Bum' competition was immediately groped

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Thursday 09 November 2017 10:30
Picture:(NELSON ALMEIDA/AFP/Getty Images)

On Monday, Rosie Oliveira was named 'Miss Bum Bum' for Brazil, and moments into her victory interview she was groped by a drunken audience member.

The 'Miss Bum Bum' is awarded to the woman considered to have the country's best bottom. This year's competition included 27 finalists.

The winner, 28-year-old Rosie Oliveira used the spotlight offered by her victory to demand that the President of Brazil, Michel Temer, stand down immediately.

When she emerged victorious on stage, Oliveira carried a Brazilian flag, with the slogan 'Get Temer Out'.

Rosie Oliveira from Amazonas holds a Brazilian national flag with an inscription reading 'Temer out' (a reference to Brazilian President Michel Temer) during the Miss Bumbum Brazil 2017 pageant in Sao Paulo on November 07, 2017. (Picture: Nelson Almeida/Getty Images)(Nelson Almeida/Getty Images)

Other contestants expressed similar anti-Temer politics during the competition.

The Washington Post reports that Oliveira also used her contestant web page to call for political reform.

I want to live to see political reform...I have no children and the country we live in keeps me from that dream. I want to have children and for them to live in a better Brazil than we live in today.

According to Maxim, During an interview after her win, Oliveira was allegedly groped by a member of the audience.

Oliveira is said to have slapped the man in question, and then turned back to her interviewer, saying,

This is exactly what I want to fight against.

Just because I'm Miss Bum Bum doesn't mean they can disrespect me. I want to show women you can still have a big beautiful bottom and not be treated like an object.

The treatment of women by society was also addressed earlier on in the competition, when contestants posed in a photo shoot wearing 'beef-kinis'.

On the official Miss Bum Bum Brazil Instagram account, they explained that 'This is an answer to everyone who says we are just a piece of meat'.

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