Someone managed to lose their entire house in the middle of the street


The more forgetful among us will confess to occasionally misplacing our keys or phone from time to time. But in Delaware, someone managed to lose their entire house.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The Dover Police Department posted two photos of an abandoned house – we repeat, a house - in the middle of the street.

Accompanying the image was the caption:

Sooooo somebody left a house on Long Point Road. Nope this is not a joke. We are unable to get anyone to move the house until Wednesday, so Long Point Road is closed until further notice. Please use an alternate route of travel.

The mystery of who the house belongs to or how it came to be abandoned in the middle of the road goes on.

In the Facebook comments, someone alleged that that the "frame was weak" and the homeowner was warned about the dangers of moving the house. Regardless the homeowner pressed on with transporting the building. The entire contents of the house, including furniture, remain inside.

We understand the idea of having a de-clutter, but think this person has probably taken it a little far.

HT: Mashable

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