More people think Theresa May should resign, than continue

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The first post election polls have been released by Survation and YouGov, the two major polling companies which were closest with their prediction in the election.

And it's more bad news for May.

At the start on the general election campaign, Conservatives were predicted to gain dozens of seats on their slim majority.

Instead they lost 13 seats, and ended up with a hung parliament.

Now nearly half the public want Theresa May to resign.

Broken down by party, 1 in 4 Conservative voters, compared to more than 3 in 4 Labour voters think the Prime Minister should quit.

If she did resign, there's not that many contenders for leader of the Conservatives and a potential leader.

The only one with a positive approval rating is Ruth Davidson, who is not an MP and so couldn't serve as Prime Minister in Westminster anytime soon.

Boris Johnson has a net approval rating of -28 and Michael Gove -49.

YouGov also polled voters and two of their top five options (Ruth Davidson, second and George Osborne, fourth), according to the pollsters, aren't MPs.

Voters across party lines also overwhelming think Theresa May ran a worse campaign than Corbyn.

A staggering 55 per cent of Tory voters thought Corbyn ran the best campaign, more than twice as many (26 per cent) as those who thought May did.

And er, about that strong and stable thing...

Theresa May's key campaign message just didn't seem to pay off - half thought her more "weak and wobbly".

Even in her own party, one in five don't view her as strong and stable:

It comes as, for the first time, Corbyn and May are polling equally on who the public think would be the best Prime Minister:

And Labour overtake Tories in the polls:

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