<p>The London Underground is believed to be the home of an exclusive type of mosquito.</p>

The London Underground is believed to be the home of an exclusive type of mosquito.

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London is one of the greatest cities in the world and this is largely because of the tube, the world’s oldest train service of its kind.

The London Underground allowed the city to develop quicker in the 1800s by ferrying millions of Londoners up each day, much more than if we all drove everywhere.

This might be ancient history now that a significant chunk of the city was told to work from home thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. However, now that is been deemed relatively safe, more and more people are creeping back on the lines.

Speaking of creeping, its been recently unveiled that there is a type of mosquito that is thought to be exclusive to the network, feasting on poor commuters who may or may not have their nose in a stranger’s armpit, according to Half as Interesting, a YouTube channel.

Known as Culex molestus, these wee pests were believed to be there during the 1940s, while the tube was used as a bomb shelter in World War 2. It was not until the 1990s that scientists actually began to investigate these urban legends, which has so far suggested that yes, there is a specific species of mosquito that calls the London Underground home.

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It is believed they arrived down there when the network was created in the 1860s. They evolved to survive in the dark environment and feed off humans.

It is not certain if they are only found on the tube, but before you go back to the office, bring bug spray.

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