As far as awkward interviews go, this one takes the cake.

A local San Diego news station, KUSI News, sent Dave Scott to cover the ‘Inflatable Run’, a festival that celebrates bouncing and inflatable, you know, fun stuff.

There was a 5k run, inflatable jousting and even a huge inflatable mascot named Mr Wacky.

As you can see, there was lots of material for Scott to work with.

And yet...

The news anchor begins by asking his colleagues and viewers at home, about a really vital and clearly very appropriate question: ‘The world of inflation...[is it] a good thing or a bad thing?’

Ummm, are we talking economic inflation? The world of inflation as it pertains to inflatables? Air?

Nobody back at the office knows what he’s on about and, seemingly aware of the growing discomfort of his peers, Scott bravely answers his own question (because that's a good, solid and not at all cringy start to the coverage).

If you say ‘good’, you’re right, because this is the world of inflation.

He quickly moves on to the festival volunteers, who either didn’t get the memo to look lively, or most likely picked up on the mounting sense of doom brought about by all the awkward.

They give Scott a tepid applause and asks a few of them: "What kind of fun are you going to have today?"

Answers include "Lots of fun" and "What was the question again?"

After, he gets the volunteers to sing a ‘magical chant' to summon the mascot, Mr Wacky. And we think he must have known then he was in the presence of a beautiful disaster.




In case you were wondering, Scott is also a meteorologist and a jazz musician. So other career avenues are open to him, thankfully.

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