The most common day for your partner to cheat on you

Wil Jones
Friday 06 January 2017 09:00

Infidelity happens. People get tempted to stray from their partners, they get bored, or they want a new thrill in life.

Sometimes, however, they are just horrible people.

It happens all year around, sadly, but it appears we may have found the day when it’s most likely to happen.

Gleeden is an extramarital affairs dating site which, much like the infamous Ashley Madison, lets married people discreetly look for someone to cheat on their spouse with.

They’ve looked at their data to see when the most people sign up to start an affair, and the results are in.

It turns out the most common day is the second Monday after Christmas. Which in 2017 makes it January 9th.

January is also the most common month for people to sign to the service overall. Too many arguments over the holidays perhaps?

It seems while most people see the start of January as ‘”New year/ New me,” there’s a percentage people who are more like “New year. New mistress”.

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