Mother explains why she stills visits her son who murdered her daughter


10 years ago a mother in Abilene, Texas learned that her four-year-old daughter, Ella had been brutally murdered.

The person who murdered her child wasn't a serial killer or known criminal.

It was her 13-year-old son, Paris Bennett.

Ella was stabbed 17 times by her sibling whilst she was asleep in bed. Paris had convinced their babysitter to go home and later phoned 911 to confess to the murder.

Paris, who is considered to have a genius IQ of 141, claimed that he murdered his sister in order to get revenge on his mother, Charity Lee.

Charity had suffered from a drug addiction before either of her two children were born but relapsed when Paris was nine and Ella was two.

This made Paris angry who then chose to take it out on his mother in the most devastating way imaginable.

According to the Daily Mailhe reportedly told the 911 operator at the time:

I accidentally killed somebody.

The operator then responded with:

You think you killed somebody?

He replied.

No, I KNOW I did.

My sister...I feel so messed up.

In the immediate aftermath, Paris claimed to have experienced a hallucination but then later revealed he was in a clear state of mind.

He was later diagnosed as a sociopath and sentenced to 40 years in prison, the maximum term for a juvenile murder.

Despite this traumatic event, Charity still admits that she loves her son and that she has forgiven him for what he did.

While still choosing to remember her daughter, Charity regularly visits Paris in prison as his incarceration gives her a sense of peace.

She told The New York Post:

I have forgiven Paris for what he did, but it’s an ongoing process.

If he was free [from captivity], I would be frightened of him.

The fact that he is incarcerated gives me peace of mind, but I worry about his own safety.

Their story has now been made into a powerful documentary called The Family I Had which premiered on Investigation Discovery earlier this week.

Although he has been medically declared as a sociopath, Paris believes that he doesn't suffer from any health issues or mental illnesses.

Charity has since had another child, Phoenix, who has never met Paris.

Due to his crime, Paris is not allowed to have any interactions with children.

Despite all that has happened Charity is determined not to abandon her son and she continues to put maternal instinct above anger.

I sometimes have to say to myself [during visits]: ‘Okay, Charity, take a breath, you know how Paris is wired'

But I am not going to be that parent who abandons their kid.

Charity now runs the Ella Foundation, a nonprofit organisation that aims to help people affected by violence and speaks at prisons to advise others on how to respond to similar circumstances without it ruining their lives.

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