This mum hit back at parent shamers with a brave photo


A mother in Australia has revealed the personal anguish she felt before posting a picture on Instagram of her kissing her own daughter.

Stevie Niki is the mind behind the highly popular My Tribe of Six motherhood blog. She regularly posts intimate and informative stories about her experiences as a parent.

Recently she took a selfie of her and her daughter sharing an innocent kiss on the lips but immediately became aware of the controversy David Beckham faced when he did a similar thing with his daughter, Harper.

The veteran football star later defended the image but Stevie initially didn't want to put herself in a position that would attract criticism.

However, she eventually posted the picture on her Instagram account, which has over 6,000 followers.

The image, which has earned over 600 likes at the time of writing, came accompanied by a telling caption detailing her concerns and why she decided to share the image.

It read:

One of my first thoughts were when contemplating sharing this beautiful photo of my daughter and I was how there was a big hoo haa over a celebrity who shared a photo of them kissing their child on their lips.

If you cant even kiss your own child or show them affection without being slammed, then we are living in a sad world.

I have to seriously question why or what has jaded another’s mind into thinking kissing your own child is seen as inappropriate.

Now I'm annoyed that this photo has this caption because it shouldn't. Anyway, I love her stinkin' guts - my little wild child.. and that's the only caption this photo needed.

The image has had been greeted with a warm and positive response on Instagram with many users posting messages of support and sharing similar stories.

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