Louis Theroux joins TikTok referencing his viral rap in first video

Officials had to stop teenagers who were filming a TikTok video at the side of a motorway, because that is what happens in 2022 apparently.

The four teenagers were stopped by National Highways on the M1, near Barnsley, on Monday and got a thorough telling off.

National Highways said "stern words of wisdom" were had, and the teens were reminded that the motorway was "no place to make TikTok videos" which we would say is a fair point.

Team manager Russell Asquith also said it was illegal for pedestrians to be on any part of the motorway network.

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Asquith told the BBC: "The last thing we want is a tragedy because someone has decided to walk across or near to the motorway network.

"Incidents on the motorway network involving pedestrians who have no reason to be there in the first place are not only tragic but also cause distress to our officers and the emergency services - and hours of delays for legitimate motorway users."

We wonder what they were trying to film?

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