Labour MP Dennis Skinner ordered out of the House of Commons for calling the PM 'Dodgy Dave'

Things got a little heated during the prime minister's statement on the Panama Papers in the House of Commons on Monday.

But after a lot of angry back-and-forth on the benches and the usual cries for order from Speaker of the House John Bercow, one backbencher decided he'd had enough of David Cameron's pontificating.

84-year-old Labour MP for Bolsover and one-time chairman of the party Dennis Skinner asked whether Cameron would clarify his questions about the PM's mortgages for his two homes.

Pausing - either for breath or dramatic effect - he said:

I didn’t receive a proper answer then, maybe dodgy Dave will answer it now?

Bercow asked Skinner if he'd like to rephrase his statement - specfically the word 'dodgy' - or leave the Commons Chamber for a Breach of Parliamentary Order.

But Skinner, who has been around the parliamentary block a fair few times, wasn't in the mood to back down.

This man has done, to divide this nation, more than anybody else. He’s looked after his own pocket – I still refer to him as Dodgy Dave. Do what you like.

So sticking to his guns - and without saying another word - out he strolled.

Who said politics and tax returns are boring?

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