The parliamentary petition requesting a debate for a vote of no confidence in Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has received a date in the Commons.

The debate will take place in the Commons on the somewhat-sanitised motion “That this House has considered the e-petition relating to contracts and conditions in the NHS”.

It will take place on Monday 14 September at 4.30pm and will be lead by the Chair of the Petitions Committee, Helen Jones, the Labour MP for Warrington North.

The petition, which has received over 219,000 signatures, was started by Dr Ash Sadighi, who argued that Hunt has “alienated the entire workforce of the NHS” with his plans “to impose a harsh contract and conditions on first consultants and soon the rest of the NHS staff".

It called for the debate of a vote of no confidence in Mr Hunt, following his push for "seven day services", that will entail changes to contracts for NHS staff.

The debate will be available to watch online at

Other petitions have also been responded to, including the one calling for Britain to accept more asylum seekers and increase support for refugee migrants in the UK.

The Committee decided that, since this issue has already been debated extensively in the House of Commons, the time was not right for another debate on the same issue.

Meanwhile, the petition to make the production, sale and use of cannabis legal will be debated in the Commons on Monday 12 October.

Paul Flynn, a member of the Petitions Committee and Labour MP for Newport West, will lead the debate, also available to watch online.

The motion will be “That this House has considered the e-petition relating to making the production, sale and use of cannabis legal”.

But the petition to arrest Benjamin Netanyahu for war crimes upon his arrival in London was unsuccessful:

The Committee agreed that, as this was not something the UK Government could do, it would not take any further action on the petition.

The petitions to introduce a tax on sugary drinks in the UK and to stop allowing immigrants into the UK have yet to receive debate date responses from the committee.

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