This mum's brilliant selfie test to check in on her daughter is going viral

Greg Evans
Friday 04 August 2017 15:00
Picture:(Twitter/ Screengrab)

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that some parents can be a little overprotective.

No matter your age, your mother or father are always likely to be checking up on you just to make sure you have you are OK.

This has become even easier for parents to do in the modern age, when the majority of people in the Western world have the best technology available at their fingertips.

Rather than send a quick text, one mother from Huron, Ohio has requested her daughter send selfies as proof of where she is.

Heather Steinkopf gets pictures from her 18-year-old daughter is Kaelyn Demmon, to prove she's ok.

Last Friday Kaelyn was hanging out with her friend Stevie Holbrook.

When Heather asked where Kaelyn was, her response of 'a movie night with Stevie' wasn't enough.

Not to be deterred, her mother wanted further proof and requested photo evidence.

This is where the game between the two truly began.

Heather knows that Kaelyn keeps a camera roll full of selfies just for occasions like this, so when the first picture arrived she had a series of demands prepared in order to test her daughters honesty.

They started off fairly normal.

Picture: Twitter/ Screengrab (Twitter/ Screengrab)

Picture: Twitter/ Screengrab (Twitter/ Screengrab)

Heather wasn't being fooled, and suspected that her daughter might have edited her friend into the photo.

This called for the ultimate request, a selfie while Stevie was giving her a piggy back and a thumbs up.

Picture: Twitter/ Screengrab (Twitter/ Screengrab)

Picture: Twitter/ Screengrab (Twitter/ Screengrab)

W o w.

Kaelyn, who is starting college next month, shared the conversation on Twitter and it quickly went viral.

Her post inspired others to share stories of their moms.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Kaelyn admitted that her Mother's paranoia comes from previous occasions when Kaelyn lied about where she was.

There've been times when I've said I'm at Stevie's when I'm at a bonfire or something.

However, there is a twist in the tale as it appears Heather concocted the whole scenario for her own amusement.

I knew she was where she said she was, but it was more fun to keep her doing different things.

Parents - where would we be without them?

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