Just in case you wanted a reason to not sleep tonight, museums are sharing their most disturbing treasures from their collections.

It all started when Yorkshire Museum initiated a “Curator Battle” on Twitter asking fellow museums to share their #CreepiestObjects.

Kicking off with a strong contender, Yorkshire offered up a “3rd/4th century hair bun from the burial of a Roman lady, still with the jet pins in place”.

If ancient hair wasn’t disturbing enough, you’re gonna love this spell-breaking sheep’s heart:

Or this gorgeous mermaid, which could give the Chucky or Annabelle dolls a run for their money:

Or how about gold-mining crabs playing cards:

Perhaps a red-eyed bear drinking is more your cup of tea/unidentified liquid:

Or a 2000-year-old strangled and perfectly preserved corpse girl?

Or something that could be straight out of the Exorcist:

At the time of writing, the thread has close to 1,000 replies. We can’t list all of the creepy objects so you’ll just have to sift through it yourself.

So, what are you waiting for?

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