After they 'invaded' a Sharia court, a Muslim scholar has made it clear exactly how ridiculous Britain First are

Picture: Britain First/YouTube

Britain First is having a bit of moment. Several moments, actually.

In yet another attempt to “expose” Muslims in England, the far-right group's leader and London mayoral candidate Paul Golding, entered the Islamic Sharia Council in Leyton, east London, last week.

The party then uploaded the video onto YouTube, where Golding gives a tour of the facilities with all of his usual coherence and charisma...

Have a look at this, look – process for Islamic divorce, and they’re trying to say this is not a Sharia court? This is exactly what it is, this is a Sharia court…exactly, that’s like a legal…uh…document that is…this is outrageous.

You’re taking liberties with our country, yeah? You need to be closed down.

Sharia courts this is a disgrace and insult to our country…they’re building a state within a state.

Not quite right Golding.

Khola Hasan, one of the council’s scholars, an actual expert, disagrees and told the local Guardian newspaper:

England has an English legal system and we are very happy with it, we are just dealing with religious issues, not criminal law.

[Mr Golding] thinks we are trying to take over the system and establish Sharia, but that is just rubbish.

We were established 40 years ago, Sharia was not a dirty word then, but because of people like Anjem Choudary and al-Muhajiroun, they think we want to establish a state within a state.

That would actually be against Islamic law, it would be considered treason.

In fact, Golding couldn’t be more wrong.

The council focuses mainly on divorce, marriage counselling and religious advice. In other words, it works alongside British law, rather than as an alternative to it.

Paul Golding is so ignorant he clearly knows nothing about the city he wants to become mayor of.

Here here.

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