It's fair to say that the coronavirus has exposed some glaring disparities along racial lines.

For instance, remember when armed protesters stormed Michigan legislature demanding an end to lockdown? At that point, people made the point that these protesters might not have been treated the same if they weren't white.

But it's not just America where the reaction to people breaking coronavirus lockdown measures is different to others.

In the UK, British Muslims are being "urged" not to hold communal Eid parties, according to reports by the BBC.

Traditionally the festival at the end of the fasting month of Ramadan is marked with communal prayers in mosques, visits to friends and family.

But as the BBC reported, this year the Muslim Council are urging Muslims to celebrate virtually due to social-distancing measures brought in during the coronavirus pandemic.

It's certainly right that people stay home right now as much as possible. This means that, sadly, the calls for remote Eid celebrations are correct.

But remember when it was VE Day and social distancing measures seemed to go out the window for the day?

There were plenty pictures of communities holding parties to celebrate the 75th anniversary of victory in Europe, but no one seemed too bothered about it?

And remember when the "socially distanced conga" happened? People seemed to think that was fine, despite it having zero religious significance.

So while we should all be observing the rules and being responsible, it seems those rules apply to some more than others.

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