Nasa astronauts had a brilliant response to the flat Earth movement

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We take back all the ridicule. Nasa just proved that the Earth is flat. Forgive us YouTubers for our scorn.

Not really. It is still a sphere. Sorry guys.

Hard working astronauts, who have had the opportunity to see the planet from space with their own eyes, have said so.

Believing that the Earth is flat is a bizarre movement which grew out of the more grounded idea of simply questioning accepted truths and authority.

It snowballed and mutated, and some people now claim to believe in a variety of theories based on the idea that the government, including Nasa, is involved in a conspiracy to keep its structure a secret.

In 2016, artist B.o.B started fundraising for a campaign to prove the Earth is flat.

The GoFundMe page 'Show BoB the Curve' is raising money to spend on weather balloons and satellites, according to the page.

In response to the campaign by B.o.B, several astronauts who have seen the Earth's shape for themselves responded.

Scott Kelly, a veteran of four space flights and former commander of the International Space Station, tweeted this:

Terry Virts, four times in space on Nasa missions and former commander of the International Space Station, shared this:

Even Buzz got involved:

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