NASA had a pumpkin carving contest and of course it was ridiculous

Hani Richter
Sunday 30 October 2016 12:00
(NurPhoto via Getty Images)

NASA’s pumpkin carving contest will put you to shame

This year’s competition also happened to celebrate the NASA JPL's 80th birthday, so the annual event was even more competitive than usual.

Whilst most people carve a scary face and stick a candle in their efforts - NASA’s engineers created these masterpieces:

One engineer created a mind-blowing carousel that swung smalller pumpkins

Other participents created what they thought a Mars return mission woulld produce:

Check this mad genius out:

PAC-MAN pumpkin!

There was even a U.S election themed pumpkin displaying the presidential candidates: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Stellar work guys.

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