Native American teenager told he isn't allowed to wear traditional clothing for high school graduation


Native American teenager Tvli Birdshead was told he was not allowed to wear his traditional dress for his high school graduation ceremony.

The Chickasaw Nation member wanted to wear an honour cord from his tribe and a beaded cap from his father, but officials at Latta High School in Ada, Oklahoma, said it violated the dress code, Today reports.

Principle Stan Cochran told the 18-year-old teenager's mother Taloa that he could wear the honour cord at a baccalaureate service, but not for the graduation ceremony.

Birdshead said he was "frustrated" though unsurprised to hear he couldn't wear his traditional markers.

Being able to wear any regalia during my graduation gives me the opportunity to acknowledge my people, and my relations. It gives me the opportunity to show who I come from as an extension of my beliefs.

Birdshead's mother has scheduled a meeting with the superintendent, school board, and other officials within the tribes and the state in an effort to change the school's decision.

The Latta School's superintendent Cliff Johnson said they're looking into arrangements that can be made at the graduation.

"They have requested to discuss the policy with the Latta Board of Education at the next meeting," he said.

We are in the process of making arrangements for them to be able to present their views and concerns to the Board concerning the district’s procedures for graduation.

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