Tourists can see inside these multi-million pound London flats and the owners are going predictably ballistic

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Here is every single thing that's wrong with the London housing market, in one awful story.

Residents of the 'NEO Bankside luxury apartments' (read: extortionately-priced flats) on London's South Bank are up in arms.

And no, not because they're indirectly contributing to a creative 'brain drain' as they price the rest of us out of the city.

They're actually suing their neighbour, the Tate Modern Gallery, because tourists can see inside their flats from a new viewing platform.

The flats, which come with a 24-hour concierge and security, a leisure club and secure underground car parking, can reportedly cost up to £19 million.

However, it seems that the residents had no money leftover for appropriate blinds and curtains.

According to the MailOnline, Tate visitors are using cameras and binoculars to spy on the wealthy goldfish.

Photos and videos then reportedly appear on social media. The five claimants in the case against Tate Modern complain that being subject to 'visual scrutiny' is a "breach of their human rights".

Can anyone say First World Problems?

One resident even placed cardboard cut-outs of former Tate director Sir Nicholas Serota and his family by the window - in their underwear.

Luckily, Twitter was on hand with some helpful hints for the rich and scrutinised:

And one user even pointed out the obvious problem...

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