New Year’s Eve can often feel like a hugely expensive anti-climax, which leaves you feeling depressed and with a sore head the next day.

But we can almost definitely guarantee that this year your countdown to midnight didn’t go as badly as this man’s from the Netherland’s.

He appeared on the country’s televised New Year’s Eve programme which is broadcast live to the nation.

As the year changed from 2018 to 2019, the man lunged forward to kiss the woman standing next to him – only for her to pull away.

The resulting seven seconds of footage, viewed more that 11m times on Twitter, is excruciatingly embarassing.

The man opens his mouth and goes in for the kiss, while the woman slowly moves her head away and looks at him in disgust and confusion.

The video ends with the pair awkwardly staring at each other while the woman laughs nervously.

As embarrassing as the moment was for the man who went in for the kiss, let’s not forget the poor woman who didn't seem to expect what was to come next.

People on Twitter were quick to share their thoughts on the horribly awkward clip.

Not the best start to the year.


H/T The Poke

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