People think London's New Year's Eve firework display was the most epic act of trolling ever

People think London's New Year's Eve firework display was the most epic act of trolling ever

Every year on New Year's Eve, London's skyline is filled with a dazzling array of colourful fireworks that make sure we head into the coming year on a high.

This year was no exception, with more than 100,000 revellers heading into the centre of London, and along the River Thames to see the New Year in with a bang, reports the Evening Standard.

However, some eagle-eyed revellers thought that the organisers of this year's display had more on their minds than pure aesthetics.

Taking to Twitter, Buzzfeed's News Editor Alan White wrote:

2019 has barely begun and if I see a better act of trolling I'll be stunned

And sure enough - it's extremely easy to see that the fireworks coming from the London Eye look exactly like the European flag.

It really is the spitting image, with the centre of the Eye turned blue, and the pods around its edge lit yellow, appearing to show the circle of 12 gold stars that adorn the centre of the flag, which represent unity.

Was this the most epic act of trolling at the expense of the Brexiteers ever undertaken?

Needless to say, people on the internet had many opinions on the matter.

Some likened it to the Queen, who is thought to have sent a pro-EU message with her choice of hat.

Theresa May ain't going to be pleased when she sees this...

Excellent work indeed!

Was this the handy-work of the EU flag mafia?

Was Sadiq in on it?

2019 can't have peaked... already!?

Others got all Lord of The Rings about it...

London is open!

All in all, an act of genius

HT @ajwhite / Twitter

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