Nick Griffin steps down as BNP leader, no one notices

Nick Griffin has stepped down as leader of the British National Party, to be replaced by a man who is possibly even less likeable than him.

The former MEP stepped down as the party's chair on Saturday, but it took the world a couple of days to notice.

His replacement Adam Walker, was given a lifetime teaching ban for verbally abusing three children and has been caught on video calling Britain a "multicultural sh**thole".

Anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate, which keeps an eye on the BNP so the public doesn't have to, says that it is still unclear if Griffin, who is taking up a new position of president "will still hold the reins of power or if he has truly handed over the party to Walker".

However they say that the move is "thought to be a face saving exercise for Nick Griffin", while reports that he was "forced out" after the BNP's dreadful performance in May's European elections.

As for Walker? Well, someone has to be chair of a party that most recently made the news when its youth leader complained about his "gay" dog challenging his principles.

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