People are debating whether we should ‘forgive’ Nicola Sturgeon for breaking Covid rules
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Should we “forgive” Nicola Sturgeon for breaching coronavirus rules?

This is the latest debate dividing the internet.

For context, Sturgeon removed her mask while attending a wake. She was photographed maskless in a pub after a funeral for a member of Scotland’s civil service.

In the photo, which was published by The Scottish Sun, she appears to be talking to three women who are sitting in the pub at a distance.

At press conferences throughout the year, Sturgeon has repeatedly urged the nation to wear face coverings inside to limit the spread of coronavirus. Failure to do so can result in a £60 fine.

She apologised for her actions.

“Last Friday, while attending a funeral wake, I had my mask off briefly. This was a stupid mistake and I’m really sorry. I talk every day about the importance of masks, so I’m not going to offer any excuses. I was in the wrong, I’m kicking myself, and I’m sorry.”

Not everyone was forgiving.

A Scottish Conservatives spokesperson reportedly said:

“By forgetting the rules and failing to set a proper example, she’s undermining essential public health messaging.

"It’s a blunder that an ordinary member of the public wouldn’t get away with. There cannot be one rule for Nicola Sturgeon and another for everyone else.”

Some people agreed and even called for Sturgeon to resign.

But others were more forgiving.

Particularly as Dominic Cummings didn’t resign after travelling hundreds of miles during the first national lockdown.

It’s important we all follow the public health rules that have been implemented to keep us safe.

Especially those in power whose job it is to communicate the rules clearly to the public.

The question is whether a rules breach of this scale and nature is enough to warrant calling on Sturgeon to resign.

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