Nigel Farage said that he wants a clean break from the EU but everyone is reminding him of one small problem

Greg Evans
Tuesday 10 September 2019 10:45

Nigel Farage has claimed that the British people 'overwhelmingly' support a no-deal, clean break from the European Union but people are pointing out something very obvious to the Brexit Party leader.

Sharing a clip from his appearance on Good Morning Britain from earlier this week, Farage offered his help to Boris Johnson as he doesn't want the subject of Brexit to dominate people's lives for the next five or ten years.

In the clip the 55-year-old said:

I tell you what people do want, they want it over, they want it done, they want us to get on with the rest of our lives.

Who wants this to dominate our politics, our country, our lives for the five, ten years. Let's just do it. 

That's why I'm prepared to help the prime minister and put country before party and work with Boris Johnson if he goes for a clean break.

However, the problem with a clean break Brexit is that it will require the government to actually return to the EU in order to strike up new trade deals in negotiations which could go on for years, thus tieing the UK to the EU for the foreseeable future.

This small fact, which Farage almost definitely overlooked didn't slip by some folks, who were more than happy to tell him what will actually happen in the case of a no-deal.

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