We don't usually report on Question Time until Friday as most of the nonsense on that show doesn't happen until Thursday nights.

However, the BBC show has announced it's line up for this weeks episode which includes the MPs Amber Rudd, Anna Soubry, Jonathan Reynolds, Businessman John Mills and the leader of the Brexit Party Nigel Farage.

By now we shouldn't be surprised that Farage is on the show, which will be his 33rd appearance on Question Time, a show which has consistently seem him divide audiences.

On Tuesday the Brexit Party leader was heard bemoaning the lack of mainstream airtime for his controversial Leave supporting party. Speaking at a Brexit Party conference he said:

"I must say it's jolly nice of the BBC to be here today. I've been up and down the country attending rallies with thousands of people and the BBC haven't bothered to turn up once."

Yes, that's Nigel Farage of the record 32 Question Time appearances moaning that he doesn't get enough coverage on the BBC. No doubt Buckingham Palace will soon issue a statement condemning the Daily Mail's news blackout on the royal baby.

As as an MEP, whether you agree with him or not, he deserves the right to talk to the public about the European elections which are just a few weeks away.

After all, he is the leader of a party that has no manifesto, MEPs or MPs and is a bit shady about where their funding is coming from but to each their own.

However, this is Nigel Farage we are talking about and the announcement that he is back on the BBC has been greeted with absolute apathy.

The irony of all this is that just a few days ago, Farage confronted a BBC reporter during a press conference accusing the broadcaster of not giving his new party enough airtime.

Before answering a question about whether the UK will seek a WTO Brexit, the 55-year-old launched an attack on the Beeb, saying:

Well, it is very very nice to see the BBC here, I must say, no it really is.

I have been all over the country speaking at big rallies with a couple of thousand people at most of them, we haven’t seen the BBC at any of them.

So it is jolly nice that you have made the effort to come.

I also notice that on no single major current affairs debate or news programme has a single person from the Brexit Party appeared.

Quite what that means for public service broadcasting in the future, I really don’t know. But it is jolly good that you have come today.

Yet, just 48 hours later he'll be on this very broadcaster and will presumably be allowed to say whatever he likes...

HT New European

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