Nigel Farage's Brexit Party appears to be going from strength to strength after it wrapped up the 'youth vote' by unveiling Ann Widdecombe as their latest candidate.

Prior to that, at a party press conference in London on Tuesday, Farage was asked about the group's manifesto, which is suspiciously yet to materialise.

After the candidates were introduced to the press, Farage began to take questions journalists, but didn't fancy giving any answers about the manifesto, after being asked by The Telegraph's Christopher Hope.

Will we ever see a manifesto? You have only one single policy which is: Brexit.

What does that mean in your eyes, Nigel, to be quite clear, and when will we see actual policies from this new party?

While Hope is right in that the party's singular vision of Brexit appears to be their only policy, voters deserve a little transparency on what and who they are voting for, something which has been a little absent from politicians, as of late.

Farage choose to skirt around the question and, rather than provide a clear answer, instead recited his old 2016 referendum spell and that old diddy about 'democracy' before stating that the manifesto, which is kind of a key thing for an election, will be published after the EU elections.

As far as the manifesto is concerned, we are fighting the 23 of May on the issue of democracy. Are we a democratic country or not?

Because right at the moment, it doesn't feel like it and our friends around the world look at us and shake their heads.

We will talk about all those things after the 23 May.

But right now... we are fighting and campaigning to make sure that we can be a free, independent, self-governing, democratic nation.

It really says it all, doesn't it? A political party going to bat for the UK in Europe but they can't even be bothered to put a manifesto together for voters to look at.

Heaven forgive the public if they again vote for something which they haven't been fully informed about. Lord help us.

HT The New European

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